We provide counter-corruption methodology to eliminate immediate threats and anti-corruption practices to dissuade corruption.

The Threat

Criminal networks that operate across numerous jurisdictions are often able to evade efforts to bring them to justice by complicating the investigative process and responsibility for the prosecution of a crime.

In countries with a high corruption-index, the chances of successful prosecution are marginal, particularly where the crime or claim involves politically-exposed persons (PEPs), or where the crime has occurred across borders.

Through focusing on establishing a cooperative environment between law enforcement, judicial services and reform, JTACC has been successful in providing an effective remedy to the threat of transnational organized crime.

Anti & Counter-Corruption

The terms ‘Anti’ and ‘Counter’ are often used interchangeably. They are however different, and they are both required to effectively eliminate a threat from society.

Crime and Terrorism

We have observed the composite threat-actor as a criminal enterprise and source of financing in Afghanistan and Africa. The functional similarities of these entities are striking in their similarity, using primary resources, whether gold or narcotics, to fund the expansion and operation of their organizations, undermine the authority of the state through corruption, and foster instability.

Complex Threat Actors

Organizations led by ‘complex threat actors’ are more difficult to challenge. A ‘complex threat actor’ is an individual or group of individuals that area able to occupy multiple positions within a threat-spectrum