We have a strong track-record of assisting companies in identifying and recovering stolen assets across borders.

Private Sector

Our work in the Private Sector usually occurs when a company or individual is unable to bring successful proceedings against an individual or party that has defrauded or stolen assets from the client. These cases usually occur in developing countries, but we are also active in the established economies where cases have met disinterest from law-enforcement or proceedings are projected to take 5-10 years.  Our private sector division is a separate corporate entity from the Joint Task Force for Anti and Counter Corruption Association, JTACC INC represents our for-profit division. For information about our for profit division please contact: corporate@jtacc.org.

About Us

The Joint Taskforce for Anti and Counter Corruption (JTACC) was established in 2015 as a neutral international co-operation between private sector, law-enforcement and judiciaries of member states to meet and eliminate the menace of transnational organized crime.


Our Management Team is led by individuals who have a passion for justice and security, that have shown creativity and commitment, and are solutions orientated.

Private Sector

Our private sector work is handled by a separate company, as it represents for-profit activities that are wholly separate from our NGO.

Media Kit

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