Learn more about the Joint Task Force for Anti & Counter-Corruption and its mission, history, people and achievements

The Organization

Our Mission

  • To support governments and individuals impacted by corruption, transnational organised crime, criminality, and money-laundering through train, advise and assist programs for law enforcement and justice.
  • To support victims of criminality, corruption and injustice by helping them investigate and develop their cases, and work with the national criminal justice sector to ensure a successful criminal prosecution.


Our History

The Joint Taskforce for Anti and Counter Corruption (JTACC) was established in 2015 as a neutral international co-operation between private sector, law-enforcement and judiciaries of member states to meet and eliminate the menace of transnational organized crime.

Board of Directors

Our Management Team is led by individuals who have a passion for justice and security, that have shown creativity and commitment, and are solutions orientated.


JTACC has entered into MOUs with its partners in order to collaborate on the promotion of peace, transparency and access to justice.


Since our establishment in 2015 we have a strong portfolio of achievements that provide the basis and foundation for expanding our support of Government and civil organizations.