A complex threat actor is an individual or group
that occupies multiple positions in the threat spectrum simultaneously

Complex Threat Actors

We assist corporations, financial institutions and individuals in carrying out litigative actions in complex or multi-jurisdictional settings. Prosecutions involving multiple actors or financial transactions across different countries can be difficult as they may include legal systems with considerable differences and varying degrees of transparency. In these settings, we provide project management and coordination to align the objectives of litigation and to coordinate the submission of evidence from jurisdiction to another.

  • Criminal
  • Terrorist
  • Insurgent
  • Drug Trafficker
  • Corrupt Official
  • Disruptive Foreign Agency

The two fundamental objectives of a complex threat actor are:

  1. Organized Violence
  2. Political Instability

By nurturing these anti-social practices, they prevent the Government from being able to exert control that would deprive them of their criminal enterprise that provides revenue, and ultimately allows them to maintain disorder for their benefit, or to undermine Government where they can assume ideological control of the state or territory.

Complex Threat Actors