An international co-operation between private sector, law-enforcement and judiciaries to eliminate the menace of transnational organized crime.


Date Milestones
January 2015 Established as Foundation
January 2015 Represents US$40m case in the United Arab Emirates
February 2015 Case-building for US$22m piracy claim
March 2015 Identifies bank account and property assets in US$40m
August 2015 MOU signed with Afghanistan Ministry of Finance
November 2015 Outlines framework for the Afghanistan Financial Crimes Court
December 2015 Drafts the 'Governance, Compliance & Enforcement' presentation
March 2016 Commences investigation into East African gold-smuggling cartel
May 2016 MOU signed between JTACC and Cooperation for Peace & Unity (CPAU)
June 2016 Supports CPAU with the '100 Days' of the Attorney General's Office (AGO) Report
June 2016 Supports CPAU with 'Assessment of the AGO' with Security Evaluation
December 2016 Concludes investigation into East African gold-smuggling cartel
December 2016 Started preliminary work for the State of Bayelsa, Nigeria
January 2017 Distributes ‘Investigative Findings on Gold Smuggling Cartel’
January 2017 MOU signed with Afghanistan National Procurement Authority